[DSLR Buying Guide – The Thinking Process …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
I’ve been consulted by friends for guidance in buying a camera, especially a DSLR. So, I thought of compiling those emails that I replied previously into this post and have all the questions answered once for all 😀 I am not trying to provide the technical aspect of guidance. I just want to guide you through your decision making or thinking process. Let me ask you a few questions: What’s the end result you would like to achieve? Bright, clear and sharp photo? Photo with clear foreground and blurred background? To freeze action of kids or sports? Not all the above would require a DSLR. For example, you can achieve bright & sharp photos using a Point&Shoot camera easily if you have enough light. Just shoot under bright sunlight and you will always get that result. To achieve the other 2 results mentioned, you have no choice but to go for a DSLR. Maybe in the near future, I can share some tips on how to achieve those results. How important does the results mean to you? Are you ready or willing to carry a bulky bag when you are traveling to achieve the above mentioned results? In other words, […]
10 Aug 2009 in Hardware, Photography Tips, by