[Kelvin & Jocelyn, Starview, Penang] Malaysian Wedding Photographers
Karen is a good friend of mine from Toastmasters, and it’s an honor to be a photographer for her brother’s wedding reception in Penang. Congratulations to both the bride and groom. Your passionate photographer Neoh Soon Hueng contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[Siang Chia & Qher Shynn at E&O hotel] Malaysian Wedding Photographers
One of the longest wedding celebration I’ve captured. The wedding spans 3 days with wedding ceremony on Friday & receptions on Saturday & Sunday. One of the happiest & kindest couple I’ve meet. Congratulations to both Siang Chia & Qher Shynn. Your passionate photographer, Soon Hueng & Teck Siong contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[John & Grace, Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Grace and John tied the knot on January 15 2011. Family, relatives and friends joined the special occasion day to celebrate their love. Bridegroom and his entourage had to dance, eat food the “fear factor” way to overcome the bride’s entourage to finally meet the bride. Some moments captured during their wedding ceremony. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ chris@jacphoto2u.com  |  O19-4419221
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[Angela & Wei Teng @ Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
A great wedding of my dear friends – Angela and Wei Teng. Started the wedding reception with tea ceremony and followed by the grand march in on a red carpet. Beautiful flower girl leading the way in with rose petals. A wedding attended by 2 tables filled with Penang’s photographers such as Teetoo, TY, Hayashi, Kee Wynn, Sunny San and Alex Tan (just to name a few 🙂 ) Photo slides and music video done with excellence entertained the audience and raised the bar of the charts! Congratulations to Angela and Wei Teng on your wedding and endless happiness showers upon you. Christopher Choong | JAC Photography O19 – 4419221
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[The Little Nyonya – Weina & Darren …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
The Little Nyonya – Weina and Darren decided to try something new for their wedding photos. Drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur, with pre-arranged reservation of Baba & Nyonya gown & booking of the Peranakan Mansion in Penang. Met for the first time outside the mansion, we went ahead to get Weina and Darren dressed up for the photoshoot. Weina and Darren are both great couple with lots of twist on their facial expression. Smiling on one second, Weina can make funny faces on the next. Really had a great time in this photoshoot. While we were shooting, guests joined in and shoot this special couple’s wedding. We are looking forward to the second part of the photoshoot – casual wear end of August 2010. For more information on the cultural wedding shoot, please contact chris@jacphoto2u.com Your Passionate Photographer ~ Christopher  |  chris@jacphoto2u.com ~
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[Introducing new member of JAC Photography …] Penang Wedding Photographer
Introducing a new JAC Photogapher whom is no stranger to many. He has won several photography contests held in Penang and photos published in several websites and magazines. Being an enthuastic, passionate and fun photographer, he has recently joined the team and looking forward to capture beautiful moments of our clients cum friends 🙂 Ladies and gentlemen, please join me and welcome – Neoh Soon Hueng aka Nesohu in many blogs and forums. We are very excited with Neoh as a JAC Photographer. We are sure with his creativity, experience and skills, he will help to satisfy more JAC clients and meet higher expectations. His photography skills in Portraiture, Events and Weddings will sure benefit the team and more clients. Christopher, Jonathan, Teck Siong & Victor JAC Photographers
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[Rusydi & Fadillah :: Malay Traditional Wedding…] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
It’s my honor to be selected by Fadillah & Rusydi among all the other photographers whom they had considered. This is my second time covering a Malay traditional wedding. Moreover, I had the chance to cover one of the most important part of the wedding – the Akad Nikah (solemnization)! It was a fun experience I had with Sydi & Fadillah. Sydi managed to obtain the permission to shoot in one of the most beautiful mosque in the world – Masjid Zahir. Check out the Wiki of the mosque here! It was a great experience to me as a photographer. We had also spent an evening in front of the beautiful Palace of Sultan Kedah for some night portraits. The huge front gate look really grand! Running around and taking photos at the paddy field was also another tiring yet fun experience. Now, feel free to scroll down for a few of my favorite shots of the day! They are also the couple’s favorite shots! ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ tecksiong +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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Wansha and Lap
Dear Chris, Thank for capturing all the fun and happy moments of our wedding. These lovely pictures will be the memory that will last a life time. You are thoughtful, fun and we are amazed that you are able to deliver these pictures to us in such a short time and in good quality. It was certainly nice to meet you and thank you for all the sweats you put into recording these memories of life time. Wansha and Lap
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