[Baby Isaac …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
Photographing baby boy seems to be more challenging, especially an aggressive one. Issac was initially very cool and quiet when he first saw me. He was observing me carefully and trying to approach me and my camera. Slowly, he got warmed up and started to run around, showing me his toys and books. We became friends! I would like to thank Sue & Terence for putting their trust on my skill. Initially, I felt a bit tension when I learned that Sue knows many great commercial photographers through her work. But it was my honor to learn that Sue appointed me because she was looking for different style, something different from what she often sees in work. “Candid Portraits” is what I call my style 🙂 ~ Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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[Go Girls …!] Malaysia Kids Photographer
“Go Girls!” is the song played in this slideshow. A song that’s best suit this pair of adorable sisters! Press the play button now and start enjoying the show!! Your Passionate Kids Photographer ~ tecksiong ~ +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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[Jayden The ABC Boy …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It was a casual potluck dinner at Grace’s house. I brought along my new toy – 35mm f/1.8G. Shooting with ISO1600 at f/1.8 was a great experience. This is Jayden and he likes to sing the ABC song. Grace and Wye Luon used to take a lot of photos of him – http://wyeluon.multiply.com/. But it’s reducing lately partly because Jayden is getting too active for their point & shoot camera. I believe this is a problem to many parents. Let me share this simple idea with u – constrain his movement, put him in a box 😀 Jayden likes to pour out all his toys on the floor. That’s where I found this little red box which I put him in. Then I could take all the shots I want. Easy? Give it a try! Do this under bright sunlight and u would find yourself taking great photos of ur kids. ~ Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
Rajes and Family
“Wow superb, tecksiong! Thank you so much. My family pics are amazing ………… :)” — Rajes
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[Xuan Xuan – The China Doll …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It wasn’t really a photo session. We were just waiting for the rest of the guys to show-up in a gathering. From my 10min observation, I found that she likes to walk around holding her mum’s hand. She kept walking non-stop, circling around the area where we were waiting. Then I had this idea. We let her wander around in the crowd and her mum let go her hand and watching her from close distance. And we got a few of these interesting shots. She sat down after she’s tired. That’s one of the great opportunity for me to compose and shoot all the way! Enjoy the rest of the photos below! ~ Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com +6 O12 25O 93O3
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[Hayden Newborn Photos …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It’s six o’clock Sunday evening now. I had finally finished touching up all photos of Hayden that I’d ever taken for him. I was working backward from the latest to the oldest. This new born session was the first ever photo session I had with Hayden back in April this year. He changes a lot everytime I see him. Looking forward to see him again in this coming September. Your Passionate Photographer ~ tecksiong ~ +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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[Good Way to Exhaust Kids Energy …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
I was tired after a photo session with Baby Javen and was paying my wife’s grandma a visit. This bunch of kids were hyper active. They were jumping around the sofa where I was resting. I thought that since I won’t be able to rest anyway, I invited them out for some jumping shots. It was really a win-win game. I entertained myself for having some subjects for shooting and they were having lots of fun seeing the output. Now you see how you could burn the energy of those hyper active kids…. 😀 ~ tecksiong ~
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