[The Baby Large Print …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
The large print has arrived. I’m pleased to see my work printed in large format and framed. Especially this is my favourite shot. It’s going to be gone in a week time. It’s going to be hung proudly in Karthi’s & Hema’s house very soon. I was telling them that their friends & family might not notice that the baby in the photo is actually Susee if they don’t pay attention. It would just look like a those art work that is sold in the furniture stores. I hope they would love the print as much as I do. ~ your passionate baby photographer ~ tecksiong +6O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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[Baby Hayden 2 Months Old ^_^ ] Malaysia Baby Photographer
Let me introduce u to this cute little guy. His name is Hayden and he’s my nephew. I have been taking his photos once a month since he was born whenever I am back in KL. I am planning to gather at least upto 6 months or maybe 12 months of his photos before making him a nice photo-book as a birthday gift for him. I’d just managed to process his 2 months old photos so far. There will be new born & 1 month old photos being shared out later 🙂 Stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of the photos below! Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong ~ +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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[Baby Suseela …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It was another one of those fun photo session – the baby photo session. I enjoyed very much playing with Susee and I bet she enjoyed being photographed as well. She had been smiling almost throughout the whole session. Well, except for a moment when she was tired and took a nap. It was expected and was part of the plan to let her took a nap. Parent’s involvement is essential in making a great baby photography successful. Hema and Karthi were simple remarkable where they were involved in the photoshoot since the preparation. I hope their family and friends would enjoy the photos, the album and the slideshow montage. And I wish Susee (also known as Preethi=Pretty) would grow up healthily and happily! Here are more photos of baby Susee from the 4 hours fun shooting. Enjoy! Presented to you by your passionate baby photographer ~ tecksiong ~ +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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