[Introducing new member of JAC Photography] Penang Wedding Photographer
As JAC Photography prepares for 2011 and months to come, we are proud to announce that “We are expanding again!” Message from Timmy: “I define photography as capturing moments into photos. Seeing the world through the lens has made my life more beautiful and filled with colors.  Realizing my potential, I then picked up this wonderful hobby as my career and pursue to capture the emotions and live of people. Started in 2007, I pushed myself to the best ability to draw the beauty of every single person by understanding their uniqueness, inner beauty and preference. Venturing into model photography, portraiture, events, parties and weddings. Today, I am glad to join this team of established and passionate photographers and honored to becoming a JAC Photographer.” Ladies and gentlemen, please join me and welcome – Khong Soon Kong aka Timmy in social network. We are very excited with Timmy joining us as a JAC Photographer. We are sure with his creativity, experience and skills, he will continue to deliver more satisfaction to JAC clients and meet higher expectations. His photography skills in Portraiture, Events and Weddings will surely benefit the team and clients. Christopher, Jonathan, Teck Siong & Neoh Your Passionate Photographers | JAC Photographers
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[Worldwide Photowalk – Melaka …] Malaysia Event Photographer
I’ve just join the JAC team and already got myself hooked with tonnes of activities and fun. I am currently doing my final touch to a project that has transformed me into a “busy bee” for the past 6 weeks. This weekend, Malaysia will create another history with more than 26,000 participants from all over the world gather together for one purpose – PHOTOGRAPHY. The love of photography have made everyone to put aside their differences to network together and share their photographic skills. “1 Hobby, 1 Sharing, 1 World” 🙂 I am fortunate to be selected as one of the leaders to lead a group of photographers. It’s also a privilege to be representing JAC Photographers in this event. Sure to look forward to this weekend where we can share our culture, history, food and all the Malaysia uniqueness with the participants. Stay tuned as I will share more from the outing and lots of photos to come. To read more about this event, click on the link. Join us at the 1st Melaka Photowalk on 24th July 2010, participation is totally FREE and I’ve also prepared an eBook just for the Melaka walkers.  [Photowalk Melaka]
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[JAC Photography’s Associates …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
Understanding customers is one of the most important essense in the service industry. Since JAC was formed 6 years ago, we have been doing our homework to understand our customers better and greater depth. When we understand them, delivering our products to meet their expectations becomes easier and satisfying. It goes the same to JAC Photography when we choose the right business partners. Critical few of what we look for when we select business partners are Passion, Enthuasism, Purpose, Value and Realibility. These are the 5 critical few that we always look for when we partner with another business. It may seems difficult at first but we have found these wonderful business associates to further enhance JAC Photography services. Wedding Planner / Party Planner / Decorator / Theme organizaing – Focal Concepts Sdn Bhd http://www.focal-concepts.com/ Wedding and evening gown designer – Solcover Sdn Bhd http://www.solcover.net/ Bride make up and hair-do specialist – Angela Kang http://angelakch.multiply.com/ When we introduce our customers to these business associates, the only feedback we got were – PERFECT! Christopher Choong JAC Photographer | O19 4419221 chris@jacphoto2u.com
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[JAC Welcomes 2010 …] – Penang, Malaysia Wedding Photographers
It’s the thirteenth day of 2010 as we enter the new year. Waving goodbye to 2009, I finally could spare an hour to review back the accomplishment of JAC Photography. Without a doubt, JAC has once again climbed a higher mountain in 2009 and burst a higher peak. the team The team now consisting of four photographers whom are passionate and capturing every wedding as though its their own by giving the best. Equipped with skills of our own, we ensure the moments are captured to bring the best of the environment, motion, emotion and cheers. Christopher Choong – co-founder & JAC Photographer | Wedding, Event, Portraits, Products Jonathan Siau – co-founder & JAC Photographer | Wedding, Event, Portraits, Products Teck Siong Ong – a Senior JAC Photographer | Wedding, Event, Products, Baby/Family Candid Portraits Victor Hew – a Senior JAC Photographer | Wedding, Event, Portraits, Couple gratitude We are utmost gratitude to the 40 customers turned friends throughout 2009 for believing in us to capture the celebration of love of your lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we congratulate you once more and wish all of you a blissful live ahead. Your moments of joy and […]
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[Getting To Know Your Passionate Photographers] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Some of you may have heard of the JAC photography, thats why you are here :). But you may not know who your passionate photographers are, hopefully this blog will give you some insights of who we are and our passion in photography. Let’s start off with a little history about us. JAC photography has been around for more than 4 years and was formed by 3 passionate photographers. J for Jonathan, A for Adelaide and C for Christopher. Jonathan was based in KL, while the A and C were based in Penang. All 3 passionate photographers captured many vivid moments of the wedding couples in Penang and KL. Later in the year, Adelaide decided to embark in search for her personal goals in a different journey. J and C continued the team and maintain JAC photography as a brand. Wonderful things continued to shower the team by adding a great photographer – John Kay. Back as a 3 member team, JAC continued to climb to a higher level with all weekends fully booked in 2007 and 2008. John Kay then decided to depart from the team to spare up his weekends to gain his Masters degree. While J & […]
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Thank you two zero zero eight
31 December 2008, in the last few minutes of two zero zero eight, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers and friends that continue to support us in JAC. We managed to capture many couples’ moments and continue to deliver the best of the best of our service. With new skills and new sharing from new photographers in JAC, we continue to expand our coverage and capturing angles. Aside to new technology of camera upgrades and lens upgrades, we managed to improve our quality in a milestone. We wish all the married couples the very best and may your journey of life continue to blossom with love. “Love is a journey, not a destination” Christopher Choong | JAC Photographer
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