[Shany & Alex @ Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers

Alex and Shany tied their knot on this glorious day, Sept 25 2011.
As beautiful as Shany the bride, JAC managed to capture all the graceful smiles each time she looks at the camera.
As natural as Alex the groom, his heart always melt each time he looks at Shany and both can just fell in love over and over again.

Alex managed to give Shany a video montage which was a wonderful surprise during the wedding reception. Shany was so happy and broke into happy tears.
A memorable evening and perfect wedding sharing their love with all their friends and family.

JAC wishes Alex and Shany a blissful and wonderful journey ahead.

Your passionate photographer
Christopher Choong
contactus@jacphoto2u.com | chris@jacphoto2u.com
o19 4419221

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  1. woon ling 21 Nov 2011

    hi ! Euwing from “with love” recommend me your service. I’m looking for 2 photographers for my wedding actual day ( morning and night ceremony ) in taiping, perak. Need same day montage on the morning ceremony photos . How much you can quote me ? thanks.

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