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Hello all! It had almost been a month I had not been posting. I have been busy with another major priority of life – my own newborn! There was really a lot of sweat with all the diapers changing and feeding (not me 😛 ). But on the fun side, I get to photograph my ‘private’ model everyday and anytime I want!


Your Passionate Baby Photographer

~ tecksiong ~

+6 O12 25O 93O3


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  1. O-Peekaboo 25 May 2010

    Congratulations!!!! She is such a lovely gal.
    It is not easy to be a parent ya. But it is definitely cool and fun to be a ‘so-into-photography’ dad!!!
    🙂 Thanks for sharing all the good photos from time to time!~

  2. tecksiong 26 May 2010


  3. Elena 12 Nov 2015

    I have been patiently wniaitg to see the baby bump and finally get to see it in the most creative way. Love the picture of big sister playing telephone with her brother and sister. Great pictures ! <3

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