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I received a phone call from Abang Ho, a voice that I’d not heard for a long long time, inviting me to shoot for this exciting and memorable event.

We started very early in the morning from the HQ of Malaysia Scout located near the Petaling Street, KL. Our destination was Port Dickson, 100KM away and there were 100 participants including the organisers.

There was the official ceremony followed by the big group photo…

The journey started right after that!

There were marshals to take care of the dicipline and safety of the participants along the way. They are all experience cyclist who had done many expiditions like this.

With such a large group of participants, the help from the police was crucial, especially the path to leave the city.

The jouney was getting more and more challenging especially the route which they called “Mantin Challenge”. It’s a route near the small town called “Mantin” which is steep, crooked and stretch for some distance.

There were some minor accidents along the way but they managed to overcome all of them. Everything was under control with the presence of all the experts.

Don’t forget the photographer was one of the expert too… 😀

The spirit was high all the way!

Not a single participant was thinking of giving up.

According to the organiser, the convoy consumed more than 1000 bottles of drinks throughout the expedition. Thanks to the main sponsors of Cool Rhino & 100 Plus.

My great partner, Kok Hong, who had carried me all the way in his 4WD.

Cooling down before continuing the journey….

Approaching the destination…..

Finally, arriving at destination, just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

A happy group photo at the destination with all participants arrived safely! Mission accomplished!!

Here’s the link to the official website of this event and here’s the link to our gallery for more photos. Enjoy!

~ tecksiong & jonathan ~

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  1. alice chim 10 Jun 2010

    2010 CENTURY RIDE MALAYSIA, cycling event 160km, will be held on 1st August 2010, 7.00am at Bukit Kinding Resort, Ipoh, Perak.

    We are please to invite u as volunteer photographer. Thank you

    kindly contact us at 012 5068369

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