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Jayden Collage

It was a casual potluck dinner at Grace’s house. I brought along my new toy – 35mm f/1.8G. Shooting with ISO1600 at f/1.8 was a great experience.

This is Jayden and he likes to sing the ABC song. Grace and Wye Luon used to take a lot of photos of him – http://wyeluon.multiply.com/. But it’s reducing lately partly because Jayden is getting too active for their point & shoot camera. I believe this is a problem to many parents.

Let me share this simple idea with u – constrain his movement, put him in a box 😀 Jayden likes to pour out all his toys on the floor. That’s where I found this little red box which I put him in. Then I could take all the shots I want. Easy? Give it a try! Do this under bright sunlight and u would find yourself taking great photos of ur kids.

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  1. Christopher Choong 16 Nov 2009

    Wow.. 35mm f1.4G … it’s a great lens for low lights.
    Nice bokeh too. Well done! Partner

  2. Celin 16 Nov 2009

    It’s 35mm f1.8G, not f1.4G la hallo… 😛

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