[Jack Sheng & Hooi Leng @ Copthorne Hotel, Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers

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June 12, a blissful wedding reception was held at Copthorne Hotel, Penang. Ballroom was beautifully decorated to the best.
The bride, Hooi Leng dressing up in her gracefully chosen wedding gown alongside with her best friends helping her.
The groom, Jack Sheng, ever ready and cool looking bridegroom preparing for his big day.

Relatives from Penang island to Singapore island all gathered to wish and bless this couple.

The wedding reception images the bride and bridegroom’s personality; fun, cheerful and it’s a party.
Serving cup cakes, cocktail, cocktail, music and everyone joined in the fun event.

JAC Photography meticulously captured the moments of the reception and turned it into the “treasure of life

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