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Some of you may have heard of the JAC photography, thats why you are here :). But you may not know who your passionate photographers are, hopefully this blog will give you some insights of who we are and our passion in photography.

Let’s start off with a little history about us. JAC photography has been around for more than 4 years and was formed by 3 passionate photographers. J for Jonathan, A for Adelaide and C for Christopher. Jonathan was based in KL, while the A and C were based in Penang. All 3 passionate photographers captured many vivid moments of the wedding couples in Penang and KL.
Later in the year, Adelaide decided to embark in search for her personal goals in a different journey. J and C continued the team and maintain JAC photography as a brand. Wonderful things continued to shower the team by adding a great photographer – John Kay. Back as a 3 member team, JAC continued to climb to a higher level with all weekends fully booked in 2007 and 2008.

John Kay then decided to depart from the team to spare up his weekends to gain his Masters degree.
While J & C continued the journey once again with 2 members, bless by the Lord, He continued to shower us with great photographers. We were blessed with 2 passionate photographers. Teck Siong and Victor.

Today in 2009, JAC consists of 4 photographers, moving ahead together, sharing and motivating one another to improve ourselves everyday & to come up with new fresh ideas in wedding photography. All with one mission in mind – “Being your passionate photographer and capturing your moments of life in the most creative and candid”.


From the left, tecksiong and his his wife Lai Kwan. He is your friendly, funny and down to earth photographer. Experienced in wedding photography, our expert in flash photography. Oh, Teck Siong is pronounced as “Taxi-ong” 😀

Next to Teck Siong & wife is Jonathan, one of the founders of JAC. Jonathan is based in KL. Very experienced photographer believed that great photographer can take great shots using any camera. That’s why he is only using “entry level” DSLR till to date.

Next to Jonathan is Christopher. Christopher is a fun and has lots of ideas in photography work, many years of experience shooting journalistic wedding photos. He started off wedding photography 6 years back with a point and shoot. Until today, he is still very impressed that he managed to worked through the first few assignments with that camera. 😀 Oh, not to forget, standing next to him is his personal assistant a.k.a wife, Celin…

Finally, next to Celin is me. Haven’t really introduced myself. Hello I’m Victor. Standing next to me is my personal assistant, Wan Ching. I’ve been in wedding photojournalistic work over 3 years now. I used to be a freelancer working by myself until I decided to join this great team.

Well, there you go. A little bit about your passionate photographers. Want to know us even more? Feel free to email us. If you’ve been here, kindly drop a comment for us. Do come back to visit us soon. 🙂

~Your Passionate Photographer~

Victor & Christopher


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  1. celin 7 Apr 2009

    Wow…I really love this JAC family photo! All of us looked so happy! Full of JOY 😀

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