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I’ve been consulted by friends for guidance in buying a camera, especially a DSLR. So, I thought of compiling those emails that I replied previously into this post and have all the questions answered once for all 😀 I am not trying to provide the technical aspect of guidance. I just want to guide you through your decision making or thinking process.

Let me ask you a few questions:

What’s the end result you would like to achieve?

  • Bright, clear and sharp photo?
  • Photo with clear foreground and blurred background?
  • To freeze action of kids or sports?

Not all the above would require a DSLR. For example, you can achieve bright & sharp photos using a Point&Shoot camera easily if you have enough light. Just shoot under bright sunlight and you will always get that result. To achieve the other 2 results mentioned, you have no choice but to go for a DSLR. Maybe in the near future, I can share some tips on how to achieve those results.

How important does the results mean to you?

Are you ready or willing to carry a bulky bag when you are traveling to achieve the above mentioned results? In other words, how important does the result mean to you? To me, if I cannot get a good photo that I pre-visualized, I would be sad. It requires some amount of sacrifice in order to get a good photo and that’s not always mean money only.

How much more do you plan to spend after the initial cost of getting the first body and lens?

Will you be ready if I tell u that, it could require you to spend as much as your initial cost to get some other important accessories? Things like lens & flash is something crucial to achive some of the results. Other would be a reliable tripod & bag to secure your assets, depend on what’s your subject. If you are not ready, you might end up giving up half-way.

Now, I am not trying to scare anybody away from buying this fun toy. I just want you to be ready. I did not simply create the questions above. I have seen friends who do not enjoy “seeing” things and ended up not knowing what to shoot. There are friends who think that their camera is a burden and always carry only their Point&Shoot camera anywhere they go. People who understand their own interest well would start to enjoy shooting the moment they get their camera. And they would enjoy shooting all the time.

Would you agree with me that camera is NOT the only thing and also THE MOST important thing to take a good photo? To me, I think your own VISUALIZATION is the most important element. You need to be able to visualize ur end result before taking a photo. My first baby clients were good visualizers. They knew every corners of their house which will provide nice background for their baby. We went through most of their suggestions and had gotten many nice photo. They know nothing about DSLR!

Anyway, despite all that had mentioned above, if you have extra money to spend, you’re excited by the shutter sound and you enjoy the style of carrying around a DSLR camera, why not? If I have the extra money, I would also go for a MBW M5 even though I won’t be racing 😀

Just in case you are not aware, there are many used camera and lens available in the market. Below are the 2 forums I often visit to check for used stuff that I need. It depends on your luck and negotiation skill. You could be getting some good deals. Buy at you own risk.

I hope I have helped you in some way in your process of thinking … Happy shooting  ^_^

~ Your Passionate Photographers ~


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