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It’s now approaching the end of the third quarter. Looking back at the past quarters, it seems like JAC had been serving quite a few couples from other countries and different cultural backgrounds this year.

From the West, we had couples from France, Italy & Britain. And from the South, we had couple from Australia. It took us a short while to get used to the different English slang, especially when the first conversation was normally through the phone, with the absence of body language. But we enjoyed very much the learning experience. Learning the wedding customs from different countries and different expectations on our work.

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From the nearby countries, we had couples from Indonesia & Singapore.

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Also not to forget our Malaysian couples with different cultural backgrounds! It was a great experience to withness some of the traditional wedding ceremony that we seldom see nowadays. Many couples often prefer a more simplified wedding ceremony.

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Hope you will enjoy this short compilation. If you are interested to view more, feel free to visit our wedding gallery.

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