[Chinese Traditional Wedding] Malaysia Wedding Photographer

A great experience of witnessing a full frame of Chinese Traditional Wedding held at the Peranakan Baba Nyonya Mansion, Penang.Â

The event was graced and led by 2 experienced and passionate Baba Nyonya heritage enthusiasts – Michael and Lillian.

Fully equiped from traditional attire to precise decorations of wedding room. The event started with putting on make up and hair buns and followed by dressing up for the wedding. The groom and his entourage set off with the bride’s sedan to greet the bride.

Upon reaching the bride’s house the groom then hands over a ribbon to the bride and guided the bride to the sedan where they then set off to the groom’s residence. The entourage led by a group of trumpet blowers created an exciting moment. Adding on to the sound of trumpet, fire crackers were light up to welcome the bride.

The groom and bride then head for the bedroom for the unveiling ceremony. This then followed by releasing the chicken ceremony where it is believed that the first chicken that comes out will determine the sex of their first born baby.

This tradition has long lost and is not been implemented in today’s modern wedding.Â

The bride and groom proceed down for the tea ceremony. This custom represents  respect to the elderly of the family.Â

JAC Photography is proud and honored to be selected to cover this wonderful event. Witnessing the entire custom has opened our eyes to this beautiful wedding.

Here are some photos of the wedding moments. Hope you enjoy viewing it!Â

Photographers: Chris & Teck Siong (JAC Photographers)
Wedding coordinators and planners: Susan & Bee Khim & Kae (Focal Concepts – www.focal-concepts.com)

Your passionate photographer – Chris !!!

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  1. fara 8 Jun 2009

    where can i access the photos for this wedding? am planning for malay – chinese wedding. have tons of themes in mind XD

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