[Henry & Sharon, Moral Uplifting Hall, Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Henry and Sharon tied the knot on January 22 2011. Family, relatives and friends joined the special occasion day to celebrate their love at Penang’s Thien Teik home and celebrated with a huge elegent dinner at the Moral uplifting hall, Penang. Bridegroom and his entourage drove through McDonalds to get his lovely wife a McD’s burger before heading to her home. At her home, the entourage had to dance, eat food the “fear factor” way to overcome the bride’s entourage to finally meet the bride. Congratulations to you Henry and Sharon. May you be happy always. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ chris@jacphoto2u.com  |  O19-4419221
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[John & Grace, Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Grace and John tied the knot on January 15 2011. Family, relatives and friends joined the special occasion day to celebrate their love. Bridegroom and his entourage had to dance, eat food the “fear factor” way to overcome the bride’s entourage to finally meet the bride. Some moments captured during their wedding ceremony. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ chris@jacphoto2u.com  |  O19-4419221
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[Evan & Tsui Yi, E&O Hotel, Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Dec 26 2010, the love story of Evan and Tsui Yi were celebrated by relatives and friends from various states and countries. Decorated by the E&O Hotel, the grand ballroom transformed into a Cinderella ballroom with live band, dance floor and great food. Evan and Tsui Yi celebrated their love in a grand entrance by dancing their way in to the music from the live band. Awesome opening. JAC managed to be their official photographer to capture these wonderful moments and making each moment a story to share. Congrats Evan and Tsui Yi. ~Your passionate photographer~ ~Christopher Choong, O194419221~
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[Angela & Wei Teng @ Park Avenue Hotel, Sungai Petani] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
A great wedding of my dear friends – Angela and Wei Teng. Started the wedding reception with tea ceremony and followed by the grand march in on a red carpet. Beautiful flower girl leading the way in with rose petals. A wedding attended by 2 tables filled with Penang’s photographers such as Teetoo, TY, Hayashi, Kee Wynn, Sunny San and Alex Tan (just to name a few 🙂 ) Photo slides and music video done with excellence entertained the audience and raised the bar of the charts! Congratulations to Angela and Wei Teng on your wedding and endless happiness showers upon you. Christopher Choong | JAC Photography O19 – 4419221
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[Mary & Dicky @E&O Hotel Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
I am so excited to share a newly wed couple, Mary and Dicky whom are two great friends. I am amazed with the energy and passion they had for one another. Mary is a bride closely related to my family and she loves photography – I mean she loves to be taken :).  Dicky, a famous Cantonese cuisine chef who currently recite at a famous Shanghai hotel. Both are special in their own ways but when comes to fun and photography, they will just pose for you. I really enjoyed capturing their moments of joy. Mary and Dicky, I wish you all the best wishes and looking forward to see you soon. ~ Your passionate photographer ~ Christopher Choong | O19 4419221
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[ChrisNg & PeiYing @Vistana Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
Chris & Pei Ying (both medical doctors) celebrated their big day in Penang. It was a day filled with smiles and laughter. Friends and families came from all around Malaysia to celebrate this special occasion with them. Here are a few moments captured during the day. Enjoy the photos. Your Passionate Photographer ~ Neoh Soon Hueng~ nesohu@jacphoto2u.com +6 O12 453 2074
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[Francis & Margaret back from London …] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
It has been a short while I didn’t involve in wedding assignments since the birth of my baby. It’s good to partner with Jonathan again on this big day of Francis & Margaret. It was a beautiful wedding, filled with laughters and many fun people! Just to share a few photos of the day here. Enjoy! ~ Your Passionate Photographers ~ jonathan & tecksiong contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[The Little Nyonya – Weina & Darren …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
The Little Nyonya – Weina and Darren decided to try something new for their wedding photos. Drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur, with pre-arranged reservation of Baba & Nyonya gown & booking of the Peranakan Mansion in Penang. Met for the first time outside the mansion, we went ahead to get Weina and Darren dressed up for the photoshoot. Weina and Darren are both great couple with lots of twist on their facial expression. Smiling on one second, Weina can make funny faces on the next. Really had a great time in this photoshoot. While we were shooting, guests joined in and shoot this special couple’s wedding. We are looking forward to the second part of the photoshoot – casual wear end of August 2010. For more information on the cultural wedding shoot, please contact chris@jacphoto2u.com Your Passionate Photographer ~ Christopher  |  chris@jacphoto2u.com ~
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