[Kenneth & Aina, Hei Yeong Seng] Penang Wedding Photographers
I’m fortunate enough to be capturing this fun and happening couple & their jolly friends in this happy occasion. It’s so enjoyable to look at the photos and laugh as I’m working on it. Here’s a video clip to summarize how happy I am. ~ Your passionate photographer ~ ~ Neoh Soon Hueng, 012 – 453 2074 ~
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[Jack Sheng & Hooi Leng @ Copthorne Hotel, Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers
June 12, a blissful wedding reception was held at Copthorne Hotel, Penang. Ballroom was beautifully decorated to the best. The bride, Hooi Leng dressing up in her gracefully chosen wedding gown alongside with her best friends helping her. The groom, Jack Sheng, ever ready and cool looking bridegroom preparing for his big day. Relatives from Penang island to Singapore island all gathered to wish and bless this couple. The wedding reception images the bride and bridegroom’s personality; fun, cheerful and it’s a party. Serving cup cakes, cocktail, cocktail, music and everyone joined in the fun event. JAC Photography meticulously captured the moments of the reception and turned it into the “treasure of life” ~ Your passionate photographer ~ Christopher Choong contactus@jacphoto2u.com | Zero One Nine-4419221
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Kelvin and ZhiaZhia
“We’ve been looking at the photos and slide show over and over again. =) And all we can say, we LOVE JAC!! Love the photos, love the service! There is nothing negative we can say about you and Soon Khong, really! The best thing about you guys is your service and attitude that started the first time I met you. You were polite, flexible, willing to work with me, keen on following up and very patient. We would definitely recommend you to others! Thanks!” – Zhia Zhia&Kelvin
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[Kelvin & ZhiaZhia at E&O Hotel, Penang] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
It was 24th April, when we had this great wedding event. It was simply amazing to have the bride and groom dance throughout the event together with almost half of the attended guests. The atmosphere were so energetic and fun. We, as the photographers, had also had a lot of fun. Here some highlights of that evening, hope you will feel the energy too from the phtoos 😀 Your Passionate Photographers soonkong & tecksiong contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[Kelvin & Jocelyn, Starview, Penang] Malaysian Wedding Photographers
Karen is a good friend of mine from Toastmasters, and it’s an honor to be a photographer for her brother’s wedding reception in Penang. Congratulations to both the bride and groom. Your passionate photographer Neoh Soon Hueng contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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Winly & Andy
Testimonial Via blog update: Hi Chris!!!! Thank you so much for posting these photos… even though its only a month ago we got married… but it feels like ages that we have done so.. the photos are so good!!! can’t wait to see the actual hard copy!!! thanks again for all your effort of that day.. i’m so look forward to see the video clips as well!!!! All the Best!! Regards, Win
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[Hock Soon & Pei Ching] Penang Wedding Photographers
It felt like it was yesterday that we played “Christmas Trees” at our grandma’s house. I’m so honored to be asked to photograph the wedding of Pei Ching to her handsome and macho boyfriend for years. Congratulations to the both of you, you two are made in heaven. ~ Your passionate photographer ~ ~ Neoh Soon Hueng, 012 – 453 2074 ~
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[Siang Chia & Qher Shynn at E&O hotel] Malaysian Wedding Photographers
One of the longest wedding celebration I’ve captured. The wedding spans 3 days with wedding ceremony on Friday & receptions on Saturday & Sunday. One of the happiest & kindest couple I’ve meet. Congratulations to both Siang Chia & Qher Shynn. Your passionate photographer, Soon Hueng & Teck Siong contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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