Kia Optima K5 review: The car that makes head turns
The car that makes people’s head turns… The new Kia Optima K5 Disclaimer: I am not a Kia sales representative nor having any relationship with Kia. This write up is purely my personal thoughts after driving and owning a Kia Optima K5 for almost 1 month and drove approx 5500 KM. A glance of my decision My previous car; Honda CRV 1st generation was with me for a period of 4 years, I decided to sell my car as it was already 12 years old and things were not as reliable as before. After going through some personal research and analysis, I decided to go for Kia Sportage mainly due to value for money as I am getting great features. My visit to Kia showroom in December 2011 I went there with an intention to place a deposit for Kia Sportage but learned that the waiting list was about 3 months and depending on the color. While glancing through the Sportage, I saw a new model launched and it was the Optima K5. After checking the features and going through the brochure with the build quality, features and engine, I was thinking that this car will cost at least RM150K. […]
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