JAC Photography Workshop
JAC Photography Workshop Welcome to the JAC Photography workshop. After much sharing with photo enthusiast for the past 7 years, JAC Photography understands the difficulties and hurdles to kick start this hobby. Hence, this workshop is specially hand crafted and designed to help you “jump start” the hobby and making full use of your camera. If you just got yourself a camera and try to take a snapshot of your new born baby, but the result isn’t what you hope for. Or you went for your vacation and came back with photos that are over brightness or blur or not vivid in color, don’t give up yet! Just come and join us in this workshop. Our intention is very simple and direct; to help you understand and make full use of your camera settings and capabilities. As the name “workshop” per se,  it requires a lot of walking around and hands-on instantly on what we will share in theory. Learning-by-doing is what we practice and you will be able to capture better and instant improvement. JAC Photography workshop will provide (4 hours session) both practical and theory sessions which only limited to 20 enthusiast per class. We will have JAC […]
[Seeking for Potential Photographers …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
JAC Photography is seeking out for potential photographers. Are you interested? Please send below information to chrisphotog@gmail.com. Name Contact number Email address Years in wedding photography or others Location(s) you can cover 10 best photos from your collection (800×600 will do) Camera brand & accessories you have (for info only) Only shortlisted photographers will be informed. Good luck. ~ Chris ~
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[Jayden The ABC Boy …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It was a casual potluck dinner at Grace’s house. I brought along my new toy – 35mm f/1.8G. Shooting with ISO1600 at f/1.8 was a great experience. This is Jayden and he likes to sing the ABC song. Grace and Wye Luon used to take a lot of photos of him – http://wyeluon.multiply.com/. But it’s reducing lately partly because Jayden is getting too active for their point & shoot camera. I believe this is a problem to many parents. Let me share this simple idea with u – constrain his movement, put him in a box 😀 Jayden likes to pour out all his toys on the floor. That’s where I found this little red box which I put him in. Then I could take all the shots I want. Easy? Give it a try! Do this under bright sunlight and u would find yourself taking great photos of ur kids. ~ Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong +6 O12 25O 93O3 tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
[DSLR Buying Guide – The Thinking Process …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
I’ve been consulted by friends for guidance in buying a camera, especially a DSLR. So, I thought of compiling those emails that I replied previously into this post and have all the questions answered once for all 😀 I am not trying to provide the technical aspect of guidance. I just want to guide you through your decision making or thinking process. Let me ask you a few questions: What’s the end result you would like to achieve? Bright, clear and sharp photo? Photo with clear foreground and blurred background? To freeze action of kids or sports? Not all the above would require a DSLR. For example, you can achieve bright & sharp photos using a Point&Shoot camera easily if you have enough light. Just shoot under bright sunlight and you will always get that result. To achieve the other 2 results mentioned, you have no choice but to go for a DSLR. Maybe in the near future, I can share some tips on how to achieve those results. How important does the results mean to you? Are you ready or willing to carry a bulky bag when you are traveling to achieve the above mentioned results? In other words, […]
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