[Agilent Service Award, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang]
December 18, 2010 – When we work, we work hard; When we rock, we rock harder. The evening starts of with lunch and continue with recognition for employers who have been in service for 5, 10, 20 & 25 years. Besides the organizers do keep the environment hip and happening with Rock music and fun games. JAC is privileged to be their official photographer to capture these wonderful moments and making each moment a story to share. Neoh Soon Hueng | JAC Photography 012 – 453 2074
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[KRI Cycling Team …] Malaysian Event Photographer
JAC was engaged by Alice, the Secretary of KRI Cycling Team to get a group photo of their cycling team. I drove to Ipoh that morning at 5am to prepare and setup the venue. Just before the sun heat up the place, I managed to capture this lively and colorful group photo. The group photo was used as a billboard located at the Cameron Highlands. I am very happy to be part of the team promoting healthy lifestyle through cycling. Your Passionate Photographer ~ Neoh Soon Hueng~ nesohu@jacphoto2u.com +6 O12 453 2O74
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Olive’s Fabulous Birthday Party
“Hi Chris, your photos were excellent and I am so happy. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos” — Olive by sms. Olive celebrated her birthday with style with live band and lots of music. Being outstanding and friendly by nature, friends and relatives came to celebrate this special occasion. Everyone enjoyed every single moments and treasure it like gems and diamonds. Olive celebrated her birthday with style with live band and lots of music.Being outstanding and friendly by nature, friends and relatives came to celebrate this special occasion.Everyone enjoyed every single moments and treasure it like gems and diamonds. Your Passionate Photographer ~ Christopher Choong ~ chris@jacphoto2u.com
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[Gurney Hotel Wedding Fair 21st-22nd Aug 2010 …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
Hello Friends! Meet us at Gurney Hotel this Saturday and Sunday in Gurney’s Wedding Fair. We look forward to see you, do drop by to say hi and view our work! So book your calendar! The fair starts from 11am to 6pm. See you there! ~ Your Passionate Photographers ~ contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[Ipoh Century Ride 2010 …] Malaysia Event Photographers
On 1st August 2010, over 590 cyclist challenge their mind, pumping their heart and have the ride of their lives in Ipoh. There are representatives from over 30 cycling/sports club from Thailand, Singapore, Norway and all over Malaysia coming together for a common purpose. This event aims to promote cycling as an environmental friendly mode of transportation, improve public health as well as provide a platform for cyclists to challenge themselves physically and mentally. JAC Photography is assigned to cover this event. Jonathan, Christopher and I worked our ways to capture the best of the event. Below are a few selected photos of the event. Visit their homepage for more information about this event. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ nesohu (Neoh)  |  nesohu@jacphoto2u.com
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[Worldwide Photowalk – Melaka …] Malaysia Event Photographer
I’ve just join the JAC team and already got myself hooked with tonnes of activities and fun. I am currently doing my final touch to a project that has transformed me into a “busy bee” for the past 6 weeks. This weekend, Malaysia will create another history with more than 26,000 participants from all over the world gather together for one purpose – PHOTOGRAPHY. The love of photography have made everyone to put aside their differences to network together and share their photographic skills. “1 Hobby, 1 Sharing, 1 World” 🙂 I am fortunate to be selected as one of the leaders to lead a group of photographers. It’s also a privilege to be representing JAC Photographers in this event. Sure to look forward to this weekend where we can share our culture, history, food and all the Malaysia uniqueness with the participants. Stay tuned as I will share more from the outing and lots of photos to come. To read more about this event, click on the link. Join us at the 1st Melaka Photowalk on 24th July 2010, participation is totally FREE and I’ve also prepared an eBook just for the Melaka walkers.  [Photowalk Melaka]
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Nasir Family Birthday Party
Dear Teck Siong We received our Captain Baby Rayyan 1st Birthday Celebration DVD yesterday and my mom quickly view at our projector screen. The photography technique was amazing and really show the joy tha we had during that time! Teck Siong, you have done a great and wonderful job! and we really apperciate that you & ur family can spend time to capture our special day! U will always be our top priority list for photographer! Thanks a zillion! Lydia, Akmal, Captain Rayyan & Family -Gombak-
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JAC @ Penang Bridal Showcase 2009
Bridal Showcase 2009 A first of its kind in Penang, 2009 Bridal Showcase – A Shanghai Love Story, was organized by Focal Concepts Sdn Bhd, a well known party & wedding planners in Penang. It was held at the Moral Uplifting Society, on 19th and 20th Dec 2009. The showcase was to promote Penang as a destination wedding location, with capabilities to host theme weddings parties  leveraging on Penang World Heritage status and our richness and diversity of the cultures of the people of Penang.  Thus the theme of A Shanghai Love Story. JAC Photography was among the many exhibitors from around Penang island. Exhibitors that consists of bridal fashion houses, bridal designers, wedding cards designers, photographers and videographers, wedding favors and wine suppliers. Photo: JAC Photography booth visited by YB Phee Boon Poh who is the Environment, health, welfare and caring society committee chairman and Dato’ Sri Chew WK, founder of Pensonic Group and Susan Chyntana, founder and creative director of Focal Concepts. Your Passionate Photographer ~Christopher Choong~ O19 4419221 | chris@jacphoto2u.com