[Ipoh Century Ride 2010 …] Malaysia Event Photographers
On 1st August 2010, over 590 cyclist challenge their mind, pumping their heart and have the ride of their lives in Ipoh. There are representatives from over 30 cycling/sports club from Thailand, Singapore, Norway and all over Malaysia coming together for a common purpose. This event aims to promote cycling as an environmental friendly mode of transportation, improve public health as well as provide a platform for cyclists to challenge themselves physically and mentally. JAC Photography is assigned to cover this event. Jonathan, Christopher and I worked our ways to capture the best of the event. Below are a few selected photos of the event. Visit their homepage for more information about this event. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ nesohu (Neoh)  |  nesohu@jacphoto2u.com
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[Worldwide Photowalk – Melaka …] Malaysia Event Photographer
I’ve just join the JAC team and already got myself hooked with tonnes of activities and fun. I am currently doing my final touch to a project that has transformed me into a “busy bee” for the past 6 weeks. This weekend, Malaysia will create another history with more than 26,000 participants from all over the world gather together for one purpose – PHOTOGRAPHY. The love of photography have made everyone to put aside their differences to network together and share their photographic skills. “1 Hobby, 1 Sharing, 1 World” 🙂 I am fortunate to be selected as one of the leaders to lead a group of photographers. It’s also a privilege to be representing JAC Photographers in this event. Sure to look forward to this weekend where we can share our culture, history, food and all the Malaysia uniqueness with the participants. Stay tuned as I will share more from the outing and lots of photos to come. To read more about this event, click on the link. Join us at the 1st Melaka Photowalk on 24th July 2010, participation is totally FREE and I’ve also prepared an eBook just for the Melaka walkers.  [Photowalk Melaka]
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[JAC Photography’s Associates …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
Understanding customers is one of the most important essense in the service industry. Since JAC was formed 6 years ago, we have been doing our homework to understand our customers better and greater depth. When we understand them, delivering our products to meet their expectations becomes easier and satisfying. It goes the same to JAC Photography when we choose the right business partners. Critical few of what we look for when we select business partners are Passion, Enthuasism, Purpose, Value and Realibility. These are the 5 critical few that we always look for when we partner with another business. It may seems difficult at first but we have found these wonderful business associates to further enhance JAC Photography services. Wedding Planner / Party Planner / Decorator / Theme organizaing – Focal Concepts Sdn Bhd http://www.focal-concepts.com/ Wedding and evening gown designer – Solcover Sdn Bhd http://www.solcover.net/ Bride make up and hair-do specialist – Angela Kang http://angelakch.multiply.com/ When we introduce our customers to these business associates, the only feedback we got were – PERFECT! Christopher Choong JAC Photographer | O19 4419221 chris@jacphoto2u.com
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[Mr. & Mrs. Oh Golden Wedding 50th Anniversary …] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
Shooting a wedding event have been a forte for me all this while. Wedding couple celebrating their love with their family, relatives and friends. Tonight, I had a great experience where I managed to capture a special event for a lovely couple celebrating their Golden Anniversary – 50th year. Celebrating their love with their daughters and son, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandchildren, family, relative and friends. Wow! It’s so lovely to see how love can be celebrated. The couple gave their blessing and thank you speech, cake cutting ceremony, champagne pouring and off course YAM SENG toast. But this time, all their family including grandchildren and in-laws were on stage. Indeed a happy and great family for many to look upon to. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Oh. May you be happy and healthy always and many years of celebration of love to come. Your Passionate Photographer ~ Christopher Choong ~ + 6 O19 4419221
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[Introducing new member of JAC Photography …] Penang Wedding Photographer
Introducing a new JAC Photogapher whom is no stranger to many. He has won several photography contests held in Penang and photos published in several websites and magazines. Being an enthuastic, passionate and fun photographer, he has recently joined the team and looking forward to capture beautiful moments of our clients cum friends 🙂 Ladies and gentlemen, please join me and welcome – Neoh Soon Hueng aka Nesohu in many blogs and forums. We are very excited with Neoh as a JAC Photographer. We are sure with his creativity, experience and skills, he will help to satisfy more JAC clients and meet higher expectations. His photography skills in Portraiture, Events and Weddings will sure benefit the team and more clients. Christopher, Jonathan, Teck Siong & Victor JAC Photographers
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Nasir Family Birthday Party
Dear Teck Siong We received our Captain Baby Rayyan 1st Birthday Celebration DVD yesterday and my mom quickly view at our projector screen. The photography technique was amazing and really show the joy tha we had during that time! Teck Siong, you have done a great and wonderful job! and we really apperciate that you & ur family can spend time to capture our special day! U will always be our top priority list for photographer! Thanks a zillion! Lydia, Akmal, Captain Rayyan & Family -Gombak-
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[Simyi is 93 days-old! ] Malaysia Baby Photographer
It was Mothers’ Day. It’s the first time my wife celebrating Mothers’ Day for herself. Just like many mothers, one of the present she had always wanted is some beautiful photos for her own child. That’s when the photographer Daddy would be very useful. It wasn’t a fully prepared session. We just grabbed some props and headed to a park near our house. It was a Sunday evening when many families were there at the park. We found a spot at the park but there was another Daddy who was also doing portraiture for his few months old daughter. That was a popular spot. We ‘queued’ for a while for our turn. As usual, I was lying completely on the floor in order to be at the same eye level with my baby. People at the park who had never seen how a photo session being conducted before were staring at my unusual act (lying on the floor in the public 😛 ). Your Passionate Baby Photographer ~ tecksiong ~ +6 O12 25O 93O3  |  tecksiong@jacphoto2u.com
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Sunset Time Lapse
It’s a short moment that happen almost every evening (at the country where I live – Malaysia). But many of us are too busy with life to have time to really appreciate this beautiful moment that only last for 5~10 minutes. Moreover, it happen around dinner time when most people are taking care of their stomuch. The time lapse will only kicks in from the 40th second onwards. Hope u will have the patient to view the whole thing! Enjoy! Your Passionate Photographer ~ tecksiong ~
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