Vimala and Sentil
“What can we say? the pics were too good until i have no words to say how much thankful i am to you. each and every part of the pic is unique on its own way. my hubby, in laws and family members, all praised me for choosing you as our photographer. All glories to you 😉 And you know what, you are going to be my family photographer 🙂 will always look for you for all my functions. Thank you once again for everything Jon..” – Vimala & Sentil
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JAC Photography Workshop
JAC Photography Workshop Welcome to the JAC Photography workshop. After much sharing with photo enthusiast for the past 7 years, JAC Photography understands the difficulties and hurdles to kick start this hobby. Hence, this workshop is specially hand crafted and designed to help you “jump start” the hobby and making full use of your camera. If you just got yourself a camera and try to take a snapshot of your new born baby, but the result isn’t what you hope for. Or you went for your vacation and came back with photos that are over brightness or blur or not vivid in color, don’t give up yet! Just come and join us in this workshop. Our intention is very simple and direct; to help you understand and make full use of your camera settings and capabilities. As the name “workshop” per se,  it requires a lot of walking around and hands-on instantly on what we will share in theory. Learning-by-doing is what we practice and you will be able to capture better and instant improvement. JAC Photography workshop will provide (4 hours session) both practical and theory sessions which only limited to 20 enthusiast per class. We will have JAC […]
[Shany & Alex @ Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers
Alex and Shany tied their knot on this glorious day, Sept 25 2011. As beautiful as Shany the bride, JAC managed to capture all the graceful smiles each time she looks at the camera. As natural as Alex the groom, his heart always melt each time he looks at Shany and both can just fell in love over and over again. Alex managed to give Shany a video montage which was a wonderful surprise during the wedding reception. Shany was so happy and broke into happy tears. A memorable evening and perfect wedding sharing their love with all their friends and family. JAC wishes Alex and Shany a blissful and wonderful journey ahead. Your passionate photographer Christopher Choong | o19 4419221
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Nurul and Sudirman
“Thank you JAC Photography….we love all the shots…!!! Fantastic job and great company….” – Nurul thru Facebook.
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[Mommy Lysher from Penang…] Malaysia Pregnancy Photographer
When mommy Lysher called and asked me to have a photoshoot for her pregnancy journey, I could not resist and started to plan for the big day. Both mommy and daddy were very fun to be with and we worked together to capture the beautiful moments. Your Passionate Photographers timmy
[Sudirman & Nurul @ParkRoyal, Penang…] Malaysia Wedding Photographer
Oct 1, Congratulations to Nurul and Sudirman on your wedding. JAC is very fortunate to be chosen to capture your wedding at the Parkroyal Penang Resort. We truly enjoyed capturing the moments of your wedding right from the morning till the late evening. Both of you were remarkable and fun to work with. Your sincere and warm smiles and love can be felt in every photos. Fun filled experience from portrait shooting, silat performance of the “Raja Sehari”, the traditional beating of “kompang” and beautifully decorated hall with “pelamin” on stage and autumn themed. Thanks to the wedding planner – De’Zara and make up artist Sharqc Tengku for making the event looks fantastic and perfect. Here is a video highlights of the wedding portraits of the beautiful couple Nurul and Sudirman played during the wedding reception. May your love grows like the “wedding tree” and bear lots of love and fruitful family. Your Passionate Photographers christopher  |  tecksiong  |  timmy
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[Baby Cheng Jun from Singapore …] Malaysia Baby Photographer
Kent & Kelly, my good old schoolmates, stop-by Penang to visit us and some relatives. It was great to have them staying over at my place. We managed to catch-up a lot, chit-chatting until late at night. And the babies enjoyed interacting with each other too… I wanted to have a photo session with Cheng Jun as a gift before they leave. But due to their tight schedule, we only managed to squeeze out 2 hours before their departure back to Singapore for this quick photo session. With the limited time and limited preparation, this is what I got. Preparing the baby, snapping the photos, plus post processing, had only taken us not more than 2 hours. It was the fastest delivery I ever made for baby portraiture! I wish we could have enough time to include the handsome daddy & pretty mommy as well. Looking forward for their next visit to Penang. ~ Your Passionate Photographer ~ tecksiong +6 O12 25O 93O3
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[SooErl & LeeChiat @ Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers
Friends and relatives joined together on this glorious day and celebrated the love between SooErl and LeeChiat. Games, fun and laughter filled the atmosphere, smiles appearing on everyone’s face. SoonKong/JAC partner with JoeChiang Photography, managed to capture all the wonderful moments and each photo tell a story of joy. Your Passionate Photographers SoonKong (016 5215092)
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