Thank you two zero zero eight
31 December 2008, in the last few minutes of two zero zero eight, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers and friends that continue to support us in JAC. We managed to capture many couples’ moments and continue to deliver the best of the best of our service. With new skills and new sharing from new photographers in JAC, we continue to expand our coverage and capturing angles. Aside to new technology of camera upgrades and lens upgrades, we managed to improve our quality in a milestone. We wish all the married couples the very best and may your journey of life continue to blossom with love. “Love is a journey, not a destination” Christopher Choong | JAC Photographer
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Hello World! We are the JAC Photographers!
It has been a while we were trying to setup this blog. All of us were so busy serving customers and there were so little time left for setting up new stuff. I am so glad to have some room to breath around this year end holidays. I am very proud to present you this very first ever blog post from JAC! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! ^_^  Teck Siong
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Patricia and Eric
Hi Chris, thank you for capturing our moments and every photo tells the story of the day. Great job and see you again. Patricia and Eric
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Huck Hing and Mee Kee
Chris, thank you so much for the collection of photos. They are surely a treasure to us. — Huck Hing and Mee Kee
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Faizal and Munirah
Hi Chris, Thank you for the wonderful photos and we will surely recommend you to my friends. Faizal and Munirah
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Michael and Felicia
Excellent work, Chris! We are pleased & happy with all the photos & definately will recommend to anyone who is interested in hiring a creative & impressive photographer. Thanks for making our wedding day a memorable one. Cheers!!! Michael and Felicia
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Ganesh and Kovita
Hi Chris, Thank you so much for the photos and moment captured. Ganesh and I are very happy with your service. Ganesh and Kovita
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Wansha and Lap
Dear Chris, Thank for capturing all the fun and happy moments of our wedding. These lovely pictures will be the memory that will last a life time. You are thoughtful, fun and we are amazed that you are able to deliver these pictures to us in such a short time and in good quality. It was certainly nice to meet you and thank you for all the sweats you put into recording these memories of life time. Wansha and Lap
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