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This is my first time photographing more than one babies/kids in one session. Initially, I though it would be very challenging. But it turned out to be completely opposite. There were a lot of interaction between the sisters and those were exactly what I was looking for. Moreover, I could easily communicate with the elder sister – Keerrthigha and the younger would just follow the sister’s action 🙂 It was really fun playing with them for the whole morning.

I would like to thank Rajes & Kumar, the parents, for their patient, co-operation & most imporant, for all the preparation. I love all the cloths that Rajes prepared for the session. They were simply amazing. I also love the dance & Tabla show by Kumar very much. After all, it was a successful and fun session for all of us!

Hope you will enjoy the photos!

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  1. Vila 22 Mar 2013


    I need quatation for such photography of my 11 months old baby girl..

  2. rosycheeks 16 Feb 2016

    keerthigha is my classmate she is so cute.

  3. rossy cheeks 11 Apr 2016

    keerthini and keerthigha are cute.now keerrthigha is 13 years old

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