[SooErl & LeeChiat @ Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers
Friends and relatives joined together on this glorious day and celebrated the love between SooErl and LeeChiat. Games, fun and laughter filled the atmosphere, smiles appearing on everyone’s face. SoonKong/JAC partner with JoeChiang Photography, managed to capture all the wonderful moments and each photo tell a story of joy. Your Passionate Photographers SoonKong (016 5215092) contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[Danny & Jenny, Parkroyal, Penang] Malaysian Wedding Photographers
Remarkable wedding of Danny and Jenny at the glorious wedding venue, Parkroyal Penang Resort. JAC photographer, Timmy meticulously capture all the moments of Danny and Jenny. Smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses from relative and friends celebrating the joyful wedding. Your Passionate Photographers soonkong @ Timmy contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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[Jack Sheng & Hooi Leng @ Copthorne Hotel, Penang] Penang Wedding Photographers
June 12, a blissful wedding reception was held at Copthorne Hotel, Penang. Ballroom was beautifully decorated to the best. The bride, Hooi Leng dressing up in her gracefully chosen wedding gown alongside with her best friends helping her. The groom, Jack Sheng, ever ready and cool looking bridegroom preparing for his big day. Relatives from Penang island to Singapore island all gathered to wish and bless this couple. The wedding reception images the bride and bridegroom’s personality; fun, cheerful and it’s a party. Serving cup cakes, cocktail, cocktail, music and everyone joined in the fun event. JAC Photography meticulously captured the moments of the reception and turned it into the “treasure of life” ~ Your passionate photographer ~ Christopher Choong contactus@jacphoto2u.com | Zero One Nine-4419221
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Winly & Andy
Testimonial Via blog update: Hi Chris!!!! Thank you so much for posting these photos… even though its only a month ago we got married… but it feels like ages that we have done so.. the photos are so good!!! can’t wait to see the actual hard copy!!! thanks again for all your effort of that day.. i’m so look forward to see the video clips as well!!!! All the Best!! Regards, Win
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[Winly & Andy, Langkawi, Malaysia] Malaysia Wedding Photographers
A celebration of love with Winly and Andy on March 5 2011. Family and friends flew in all the way from Australia and Hong Kong. The charming family chose Langkawi, Malaysia as their wedding destination which was also their first time to Malaysia. Welcome to the beautiful Paradise of Langkawi! White sandy beach, clear blue sky, breeze flowing through the hair of the family and friends that celebrated their love. Laughters and smiles filled the wedding day with best wishes and blessing for the couple JAC Photography is honored to be present to shoot this memorable wedding for Winly and Andy. Congratulations to both of you and look forward to your Anniversary celebration. [show as slideshow] 12► ~Your passionate JAC photographer~ ~Christopher Choong – 6O19 4419221~
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JAC supports Datuk Jimmy Choo …
Datuk Jimmy Choo, We support you all the way and hope you can win the bidding of your brand. We believe in your passion and faith to continue to mark greater distance in the designing arena. All the best and good luck. ~JAC Photographers~
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[Introducing new member of JAC Photography] Penang Wedding Photographer
As JAC Photography prepares for 2011 and months to come, we are proud to announce that “We are expanding again!” Message from Timmy: “I define photography as capturing moments into photos. Seeing the world through the lens has made my life more beautiful and filled with colors.  Realizing my potential, I then picked up this wonderful hobby as my career and pursue to capture the emotions and live of people. Started in 2007, I pushed myself to the best ability to draw the beauty of every single person by understanding their uniqueness, inner beauty and preference. Venturing into model photography, portraiture, events, parties and weddings. Today, I am glad to join this team of established and passionate photographers and honored to becoming a JAC Photographer.” Ladies and gentlemen, please join me and welcome – Khong Soon Kong aka Timmy in social network. We are very excited with Timmy joining us as a JAC Photographer. We are sure with his creativity, experience and skills, he will continue to deliver more satisfaction to JAC clients and meet higher expectations. His photography skills in Portraiture, Events and Weddings will surely benefit the team and clients. Christopher, Jonathan, Teck Siong & Neoh Your Passionate Photographers | JAC Photographers
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[Grand Opening of Royal Selangor Customer Centre …] Malaysia Event Photographers
Grand opening of Royal Selangor customer centre at Straights Quay, Penang on March 9 2011. JAC Photography was engaged by a PR company from KL, Milk PR Sdn Bhd to cover this gracious event. Attended by many public figures, the opening ceremony was officiated  by Dato Yong and family with the attendance of  the chief minister of Penang, YAB Lim Guan Eng. Some highlights of the event. Photographers: Timmy & Christopher www.jacphoto2u.com/blog contactus@jacphoto2u.com
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